Jump In

Falling down up
Not sure which way
Spinning left right
I can’t stay this way

I don’t know what I want
Too many thoughts in my head
Yelling clawing wanting out
I can’t seem to get ahead

I shudder simply at the thought
Commitment judgement
It’s taunting me

I just had long term not too long ago
Wedding bells and baby crys
Were my lullabys to sleep
Now just silence filled by selfish crys

And here you are wonderful and sweet
Here to sweep me off my feet
Jumped right in head first no cares
Calling up to me to join

And yet I cower here in fear
And it’s not fair my dear
And maybe I’m already in too deep
And still I can’t take that leap

Crashing waves from down below
Beckoning me come in come in
Laughing as it swallows me whole

Yet there’s no turning back for me
The past is gone and it saddens me
But yet I still don’t want it back
So on I go and turn my back

Push past these tears
They’ll dry up soon
A happy face I’ll paint
And on and on I’ll go
And jump right in
No cares no woes

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