As in life, so in death

You brought me into this world,
you were an asshole then they say.

You taught me some meaningful things,
some lessons are learned the hard way.

You weren’t much for words, or emotion, or nurturing.
I learned that the hard way as well.

Always quick to anger, slow to forgive,
Man, what a fuckin’ prick you were.

But no matter what the lesson,
I always found a way to fuck it up.

The feelings of fear and embarrassment and anger,
grew with me as I got older. Becoming my 3 best friends.

Even now, as a man and father to mine own kids,
you manage to belittle and demean what little I have.

God, you are a fuckin’ asshole,
how you treat people, especially the ones you say you love.

It’s come to the point in your life where you need to choose,
salvage what’s left of the family you’ve hurt,
or the life that you’ve always wanted.

“we reap what we sow”
How poetic.

As in life, so in death,
you are my father…the asshole.

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