Captive pt3

He shows me to a small room upstairs where I will stay until I change my mind. In the middle of the night I creep out of my room. I fly downstairs and find the front door unlocked. I burst through it and hear a low chuckle. My heart pounds in my chest as I race down the street hoping to find a place to hide. The man is incredibly fast, though and catches me in minutes.“You shouldn’t have done that, Sweetheart. Now you’re going to pay.”

He drags me inside and to the basement. I stumble down the stairs and he throws me into a chair. Deftly he places restraints around my arms and legs. The mans face is set into a hard frown. “I didn’t want it to come to this. I told you I’m a nice guy.”

He grasp my arm closest to a table and slaps it down. He stretches my hand as far as it will go and secures it with the straps. He reaches under the table and grabs a black cloth. Quickly he ties the cloth over my eyes and shoves something soft in my mouth. I hear a saw roar to life very close to me. I scream.

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