One sunny and clear day, a gentle breeze sent wave-like ripples over the white and gold rolling plains.

Alia walked with her arms outstretched, feeling the caress of tall grass beneath her fingertips and her dark eyes roamed the landscape, her gaze coming to rest on a distant hilltop, upon which a lone tree stood.

She turned and began walking with purpose toward the beckoning tree . The occasional patch of wildflowers lent their scent to the air and the sounds of tiny unseen insects were like music to her ears, everything about this place, spoke of peace.

The afternoon Sun was high in cloudless sky when she reached the tree and as Alia approached, the breeze seemed to pick up and the leaves above rustled softly. She moved to sit in a spot below the old trunk where the grass was already flattened out and as her thoughts began to wander, sleep overtook her.

A cool wind woke her hours later and as she peered into the night, a voice entered her mind.

“You aren’t ready, wake up!"

I made it back didn’t I?

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