The Best Birthday In years

It was the best birthday I’d had in years. There was no cake, no ice cream, no balloons ; just he and I- on a blanket under the stars in a park, after dark.
It was the best because there was NO place I would rather have been than in his arms.
Then again…I could have been stranded in the middle of a garbage dump and it would not have mattered. As long as I was with him, nothing mattered.
Never before or since had anyone made me feel as loved, cared for or desired. It was the most beautiful two and a half months of my life. Excluding the birth of my son.
Never have I loved someone so completely and honestly as I did him. At least not since my first high school love.
Psychologists tell us there is a thing called seasonal depression or reactions to love and loss. A break-up like ours was like a death. So I guess I’m still mourning.
I just don’t understand! He sincerely loved me. At least it seemed so, when suddenly, without warning, a switch flipped and he despises me.
My crime….unconditional Love.

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