Maxwell's Silver Bullet (10)

I tucked the card away so Mom could read it later and turned back to the pile.

“Hel-lo. What do we have here?” I lifted the large manila envelope and noticed immediately there was no return address. My name and our home address were printed neatly by hand in thick marker. Curious, I studied it more closely and saw the postmark was from New York. I didn’t know anyone in New York and as far as I knew, neither did Mom.

The computer had completed its warm-up routine and I set the envelope aside to pull up email. A quick review of the inbox confirmed there was nothing urgent. That was a relief since I knew I couldn’t go back to the office until Jeff gave the all clear. I’d have to call Mom to keep her from going to the office, but I figured her early morning appointment was at the hair salon and she’d be there awhile so I poured a second cup of coffee and put a bagel in the toaster.

I risked burning the bagel and dashed back to the office to retrieve the large manila envelope so I could multi-task.

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