after the missile


wind – screams – smoke – flames – the shrill of tearing metal – faces of questioning anguish tumbling away – why – why them – why me

below – the flaming shredded carcass that had once protected me accelerates on its final journey – one engine still firing

this is not fair — i am not ready yet – there were so many things so many ideas i was going to try – going to do – going to live – going to learn – they can never happen now

so tell me – are you laughing god – peals of silent laughter from the god who was never there – if you had been real you could never let this happen – to me – to them – no one is that heartless

is there anything good – yes – i will not grow old – only to then have to watch as everything is slowly taken away from me – i will never be sick again – disease will not touch me – and yet – i will never have children – or love – or all the world promised me – i am not yet fifteen

into your hands – god who was never there – i submit my tangled corpse

enjoy it

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