The stars were clear in the sky. Kimmy could hear the crickets, the sound of the creek a few dozen feet away. Her breath coming slowly in and out. It had been a long, hard climb to the plateau.

The grime had stained her fingernails black. She could feel her heart pulsing through the soreness of her feet and hands. The first day had been difficult, and it only would get harder from here. She only had 20 more miles left to go.

What was she going to do when she arrived? Did she dare ask him? Doing this over wasn’t going to work. What if she made a mistake? Her thoughts blurred into circles of frustration and irriation.

The clouds rolled in as the frogs started croaking, colored honey yellow by the city lights. In the distance she heard the soft roll of thunder. A single raindrop hit her forehead. Her face scrunched up into a grimace as she closed her eyes and wiped it off. She jumped up and started setting up her tent. It would rain again tonight.

She exhaled heavily. 20 more miles. She had to decide.

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