The Great Dark and The Spectrum Dragon

Nothingness, a great mass of dark that was deep then space and older then time. It was everything and it was nothing all at once and if there were any being in the universe alive to witness it, madness would have surely engulfed their mind and left it in a state of nothingness.

Then came the rumbling, the first heartbeat of a desolate world. A constant beating, something on the inside trying to escape,this would go on for a million lifetimes before the creature broke through. When it did it came in blinding flash of color, light cascading through drawn curtains in a dark room. First came it’s snout, gulping in it’s first breath in a universe devoid of oxygen, it pushed its way out of the great dark womb from which it was born, it pushed and pushed until the crevice tore even further and two fierce blue gems peered out to witness the blank canvas that lay before it.

As more of the great beast emerged it’s majesty becomes evident, the creator of the universe, not a god nor a man, but a beast.

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