You stood on a pedestal, just beyond my reach. You made me feel inferior, rotten, forgotten. I longed for any sign of your affection and sometimes you gave it to me. Other times, you threw our friendship around like it meant nothing to you. You grew up, grew tired of it, grew apart. You tossed away our friendship and tossed me along with it. But you came back. You always come back. You can’t seem to walk away from the person who makes you feel comfortable.

And me?

I took you back. I always take you back. Every time you hurt me and shut me out, I take you back. You go right back up on that pedestal where I can admire you, waiting for the next time you push me down. But now I’m starting to learn that you don’t belong on that pedestal. You are not perfect. You are not an idol.You are human and you are flawed, just like I am. Step off that pedestal, because I’m the one who put you there and now I am taking you down.

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