The Big Pig Pen Revision

Your words should

be refined thought,

let me remind you,

family, like friends,

aren’t chosen, they

are all we have, I’ll

say it again from the

pig pen I’m in, from

where I am the dog

house looks like a

mansion, but from

where I am, family,

like friends, are gar-

ments woven so strong

they can’t be broken, worn

when born and never chosen, O

pen up and close the door, your

stab tends to hurt so bad I can’t do

this [justice] anymore, it was worth your

touches, I’m sorry for the way I let the gold

inside go and rust so worthless, why, I barely

said the surface of how deep you had me, madly,

I simply thought we’d keep what we’d brought,

nothing worse than zero sleep, and the constant

weed helped me get healthy, bcuz it helped me

forget for a bit, hit after hit, until it struck me

that I’m really lucky in many ways, instead of

focusing on my pitiful problems, I might as well

help the ones reading solve them, like I do for the

ones I love, like you’re the same as them, then the

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