Ree! Ree! Ree!

Kimmy stretched and fumbled her wristwatch alarm off. It was a bit before daybreak. The rain had stopped during the night. She took a few moments to rouse herself and remember what she was doing, as her adoptive father had taught her.

She was after him. The man named Nathanial. He had been in her life for 5 years, a friend and she had fallen in love with him. He of course, hadn’t noticed her at all. Just a friend, at least based on his actions.

She sighed and packed up to continue her journey. Nathanial had disappeared with no warning about two weeks ago. Kimmy had cajoled her friends at the police station until they had tracked down a change of address. After that, the engine block of her car has mysterously disappeared out from her car while it was parked at her apartment. She had chosen to act, and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop her from seeing him and making her feelings clear.

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