Just Following Orders

Bring her to me.

His voice is cold, determined. The Lieutenant brought me in here, to explain what I saw on the camera footage. For whatever reason, the General is very interested in this particular subject. I shouldn’t care why. It’s not my place to care why. I’m still curious, though … but not dumb enough to ask a man who could have my whole family killed. He does seem to find it particularly irksome when people leave our control, although I know most of us, and she is not someone I remember.

“Yes, your highness.” It is how the man demands we address him, and we comply. Scurrying quickly back to the control room, I give the orders. Soon – within thirty seconds, probably – eight to ten soldiers, armed to the teeth, will be close enough to her to make her think twice about running away, or whatever it is the General thinks she’s doing.

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