Awake and Alone

It was going to be another sleepless night.

Swearing under her breath, Casey rolled over in bed, staring at her analog clock, lit by the moonlight that mocked her in the darkness of the room. 2:30. She considered TV … but Meghan was asleep in the other bed, and the other girl was a light sleeper, and usually unpleasant when she woke up.

Perhaps a walk would do her some good. Not outside. This was not a safe place to be outside by herself at night, Casey knew. But around the building might be acceptable. Sitting up, she brushed her black hair out of her face, glancing toward the other bed and seeing – nothing. That was strange. Casey could have sworn she’d heard Meghan getting into bed a couple of hours ago. Still, a room to herself was a room to herself.

Making her way to the small, tattered futon that passed for a couch, Casey sat heavily, pressing the large red button labeled POWER on the remote. No response, at all. That was odd … she glanced out the window. Every light in the city was dark.

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