A Blue Ridge Memory

The shadow races across the blue ridge
Sitting on the stone wall, lost in each other
Not a care in the world for that moment
As the sun cast it’s shadow
Little did they know of the future
An omen of things to come

The smile that used to give such warmth
Is now a cold, hard sneer of disgust
If You were Judas- I was your kiss
Eyes that once sparkled with such affection
That saw me as I pictured God seeing me
Now, so distant, empty, filled with such contempt

The Mouth that shared it’s words of love
Now spews the sharpest two-edged sword
Pain-searing, hatefully hot-slashing thru my heart
The arms that held me and made me feel safe
Caressed my tears away. belong to a different soul
Whose taken hold of one so precious and dear

Only once has my heart fallen so wholly and complete
You opened up a long locked gate, I allowed my wall to fall
When all false anger ceases- return My heart please

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