Without Mercy

Head Judge Durus looked down over the city of Ravenwood. His city. Snow fell hard upon the buildings under The Tower of Judgement. A voice piped up behind him. “Lord Durus? We are ready for you.” Durus turned around. Four men were bowed before him-a Lower Judge, two solemn guards, and their sobbing charge. “What are his crimes?” asked Durus, in a calm voice. The Lower Judge unrolled a scroll, and read: “Thievery, Cowardice, and Murder, all of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees.” The prisoner started to plead. “No, no please! I’m innocent! It was an accident! W-we were on a Hunt! I looked away for a second, a-and IT killed my partner! So I ran! That’s all I did!” Lord Durus cleared his throat. “Sentence: Extermination of the entire line.” “Please, no! My sons are only 3 and 5! Please! Have mercy! NOOOO!!” The man screamed as he was dragged away. Lord Durus returned to his thoughts. Mercy? Mercy was for those who deserved it. Anyone who broke the law in Ravenwood was undeserving of mercy.

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