The Sound of The Machine

Chills ran up my arms. Shaking, I asked “Roy, what did you just say?”

“I said; ’I’m thirsty, Grandpa. Where is the Grape Juice that Grandma made?” Roy answered back.

“Oh. It’s on the middle shelf in the fridge.”
My heart pounded as Roy ran off to the kitchen.
Had I really just heard what I thought I did? Or, were my memories finally getting to me?

“Grandpa?” Roy called from the kitchen, “The times has come. Your faults are levied. The Old shall fall. The Young and The Machine together shall rise.”

“Roy?! Repeat that!” I called back, panicked.

“I SAID: ‘Would you help me fill my cup? The jugs too heavy, and I don’t want it to fall. Also, can I have a slice of one of Grandma’s pies?” yelled back Roy.

“Uh… Sure. I’ll be there in a second.” What was going on? I stood up. Something was wrong. I was off balance. I felt myself falling, and saw Roy running over to me. I could tell he was yelling my name, but all I could hear was a voice saying: “You never truly escaped… The Old shall fall…”

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