ravi namboori_biography

Ravi Namboori is an information technology (IT) executive with experience managing teams and designing complex systems and processes. He holds experience with protocols such as LaaS (Lab as a Service), security, networking, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), among others. Today, Ravi Namboori serves as the vice president of Data Center Solutions for Unigen.
Typically, home users store all their data on their personal computers (PCs). This process is known as local storage. For many large companies, local storage is expensive and risky. Company PCs could fail or be taken over by malware such as viruses. In such cases, companies rely on IaaS to hold their data and keep it secure.

In common parlance, IaaS is known as cloud storage. Clients store their data “in the cloud,” meaning on remote servers somewhere, and they trust they can access it from any Internet-connected device. IaaS takes cloud storage even further.

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