Standing Up Again

I shake off the grief from last night and set out on an expedition to find my abandoned cellphone. After about five minutes, I find it huddled inside one of my shoes in the back of my closet. Bewildered, I pull it out and see I have two messages from my best friend.

Hey Adie, thought of you… everything ok?

The second one was sent a half hour later and I smile at how in tune with each other we are sometimes.

It’ll be alright! Call me in the a.m. when you’re feeling better. <3

I will call him soon, but first I needed to wash off the wreckage of last night. I hop in the shower and let the warm water caress the wounds that had closed again. Most of the night was a blur, but I could still feel the burn in my heart and my breath shuttered when I inhale deeply. I had needed a good cry, but now it is day and I will move on.

Stepping out of the shower, I wrap myself in a towel and call my friend. It only takes two rings before he answers and I tell him about the war I survived last night.

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