Entry to Avalon

My father turned and gasped, his furrowed brow and angry eyes a too common site to me.

“Girl! Keep silent, speak when spoken to!” barked the guard.

“Syl! Quiet!” He turned to the guards, “Please excuse her interruption, but… we are seeking refuge in your great city. We are…we are…” He searched for words while examining the guards’ faces now circling him. “We fled the Borderwars 4 nights ago and only thought to come here.”

“What clan are you then? What is your count, souls and beasts?”

“We are near 60 souls and the beasts you see here.” Many of our group had dismounted and stared eagerly at their elder. “We are Eastern Plainsmen of the clan Hrog. Please let us pass, look at our women and children.”

The guards stepped back to the base of the gatehouse. One started, “This size group will need approval from-.”

“I know!” whispered the leader.

“Did you see the girl, the one who spoke?” the third broke in.

“Yes, she bears the mark of Clyphenia. We must inform Taru. Confine them to Rabbleton.”

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