Thoughts.. or I don't even know, really. Just a thing.

Jonah never listens. I’m out here all alone in the field of ice, all I can hear is my own heavy breathing, I look up to the humongous rings of Saturn in the sky, and instead of marvelling at the beauty of it all, I curse my crewmate. He insisted on using the advanced thingamajig for the dimfiddle operation, instead of the conventional doohickey, and look where it got us. I now have to fiddle around some more, to save us from a cold and painful death.

I have to get back to the ice cave before I get exposed to too much radiation. But I’m just standing here, staring at the gigantic geyser.

Days before, I’m still in the orbiter. I float to the cupola, and look down at the surface, pressing my face against the glass. The right man for the job is enthusiastic about the task, right? But not to the point where his enthusiasm hinders his progress.

I love how Jonah has these pictures of his daughter playing and running, and he puts them everywhere, as if she were jumping out of the thingamabob, or pulling a lever.

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