Airships: Strike

Dieter smiled indulgently, as if he were merely sparring with his brother.

“I must admit to a little disappointment in you, little brother. I had expected you to have improved your swordsmanship in your time away, but I am mistaken.”

Hawkeye didn’t respond. Dieter spun forward, stepped through Hawkeye’s defense, and chopped at his arm. The younger man failed to avoid the blow, the sword striking sparks from the metallic scales on his coat before snapping back into guard.

Elletra snapped out of her reverie at Hawkeye’s involuntary grunt. Hawkeye carefully turned Dieter away so that she could close distance safely, but the man kept her out of range with swift sweeps of his weapon whenever she tried to get closer.

Hawkeye’s expression must have betrayed his worry, because Dieter’s smile grew broader than ever. In the next moment he committed an overhead strike to Elletra’s position, the huge blade thundering down at her head.

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