FOR RENT- A Small Space In The Back Of My Mind

This space will do nicely. It is a bit cramped in spots, but over here will work.
Yes, I believe I will settle down right here and live for as long as I can. It may be the only way, but atleast we’ll be together in some capacity.
Sometimes memories are all we have, some good some bad. I would choose to only be the good ones if it were up to me. But, alas, that’s up to you my landlord. Why you choose to let me rent this space, only to see me as the enemy, only remember a bad memory, is just beyond me.
Oh well, that’s Your choice.
Honestly! I don’t know why you don’t just evict me.
One person here said it’s because there was no closure, so you let them rent space because you are so angry at yourself that you can’t let go. While still another, like me, told me that down deep, you don’t wanna let go because you really love me and won’t admit it so you let me stay.
Who knows! Atleast I know you are thinking of me in some capacity.
Thank God the rent is free- for me anyway.
My landlord is the one paying bill.

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