Edgar was pushed against the cold metal locker. The boy’s were in full force today. All five had that look in their eyes that it was about to go down today.

“Hey limp dick!”

“Hey bitchboy!”

“Yeah you little pussy!”

“You think she likes you?!”

“You’re just a little weak-ass faggot, you puny bitch!”

As the insults mounted, the main boy who not only said the worst things also looked to want to do the most damage to Edgar, saw in his innocent frightened terrified eyes that he wanted more.

Edgar had dreaded this life he lived. Every day at gym class he had to face what was becoming the worst part of his adolescent life. He never did anything to these boys. Never provoked them in any way shape or form. Why the hell was this happening to him? Why did they have to pick on him?

The punch came at such a quick pace that Edgar hadn’t had time to react in any way. It took him in the left side of his face with such force it rocked his head into the steel locker behind him.

He fell into darkness. Limp.

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