The Most Curious of Cases

Have you ever seen a god do such a thing?

There she is again, gently petting the bridge of your nose. Small, infantile, insignificant you.

How are you this lucky?

She’s smiling at you now. But why? You’re vexed by this great problem the universe has spat at you. She’s beautiful and perfect; intelligent and strong. All the things you are not, candy-coated with love and kindness.


She finds you battered and weeping on the floor and asks who had committed such a crime. You didn’t know it was a crime. You tell her and she assures you they will pay, then cradles your delicate frame in her arms. She tries the blood with the edge of her dress.

Truly awesome. Why and how did you get this lucky?

Your belly burns with fear and you’re shaking. Something new is afoot and God help you, you’re terrified.

She takes your hand with a smile, and leads you through the doors.

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