She Touched Me

She didn’t say anything. My eyes followed her frame as she moved around the table. Looking back, it was like a vulture or just some really amused cat waiting for the right time to pounce on my chest. She hummed a strange tune. Wisps of her perfume reached my nose. Lavender I think it was.

Her touch was soothing. Right away, I felt the muscles begin to relax as I lay face up; my eyes now focused on the glaring florescent stars rather than her movements. I did hear her bare feet as they lightly touched the floor; however, as my eyelids became weighted with drowsiness, her footfalls grew distant.

My breathing was slow, methodical, and relaxed. I could feel the world drifting as she kneaded my muscles. My heartbeat was keeping a steady pace. Was it raining? Strange how the lavender aroma was intensifying. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew.

I tried to move my limbs but they wouldn’t budge. A cold, clammy sensation gripped my throat as the rest of me went limp. All was still and quiet then. Morana smiled.

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