Incident in the Wizard's Infirmary

Madame Fruitbat, a healer for the wizarding community, was having a bad day in her Liverpool clinic.
Her receptionist buzzed her. “Madame Fruitbat, Mr Wattle, the man you gave the potion to last month, wants to check with you about how it works. Does it make him invisible on odd numbered days, or even numbered days?”
“Go on,” responded the healer.
“Well, anyroad, Mr Wattle would like to consult with you today in person, just for a moment, if you’ve got the time.”
“Edith, you know we have no time today,” Madame Fruitbat snapped. “But let me see…today is the 28th, right? I’ll check my notes….Ah, yes.”
Edith cleared her throat. “What am I to tell the patient, Madame?”
The healer shot an apologetic look at her suffering current patient as she started to put the receiver down. “Just tell Mr Wattle that I can’t see him today.”
“Well, he’s here before me now, and I can tell you myself, I can’t see him either, Madame,” returned the receptionist.

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