Where it began

The lights turned red and as I slowed to stop I noticed the corner dairy across the intersection. Looking away, I wound down my window and gazed out over the ocean to my right; it was hot under the mid day sun and breeze was refreshing. I could hear the waves against the rocky breakwater and the sound sea birds squawking overhead.

I looked back to the dairy across the road and my thoughts wandered. I was six the last time I was here. I remember, I was sitting in the front passenger seat beside my father as we pulled up outside the dairy in his old zephyr. I felt sick, as I always did riding in this car. I sat low in the bucket seats and couldn’t see over the dashboard or out my side window and the smell of old leather made me nauseous.

I struggled to peer out the window to see where we had stopped and as my father climbed out he told me not to play with the gum I had in my mouth. I nodded, then as he walked away I stuck my fingers in my mouth and pulled a long string of it out, as far as I could.

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