Bye Ficly Freestyle Rant (draft)

all this
is hollowing
more than you,
shot swallowing,

floor, nice to meet you,
I sat at the bars n’ saw stars,
a single smile goes more miles
than love letters to juveniles, ugh,
reflect on mistakes until you can stand
to collect another pile of plates, remember
the way they wrecked last sept; you ate the breaks
for breakfast, washed it down with selfish aches, it left
a taste you couldn’t escape if you bit a live wire and set your
fucking blood on fire, now it’s a memento of how much potential
you have to squander when fear unites anger and leads you to dishonor

shit’s messy
it affects me
less and less
and let’s all agree
that that’s what’s
best for me, Gwiz,
jesus couldn’t re-
deem this dumb
soul, he’s this drum
roll, send in the sun and
sand while I stumble in
with rum in hand and
bud in a baggie, bub,
I’ll gladly reprise any
communication w/ past
comrades n’ new guys n’ gals,
you have been the best of pals n’
last but not least I’ve got to say
peace to the ficly streets, one


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