Sea and Moon were lovers once. They were one, moving through the nether, each completing the other, made for each other. Both knew they would be together forever, but it was not so. Moon and Sea soon found themselves near a new world neither of them had seen before. Earth was young then, hot and hard; lifeless and barren. Sea saw the earth and was sad. She said to the moon “I will go to Earth and return when it has healed.” Moon watched as she went to earth and cradled it in herself. Where the earth was hot she became deep and cooled it. Where Earth was hard she threw herself into giant stones to make soft sandy places. Where Earth was barren Sea rained herself into the soil and made Earth fertile. Moon watched and fell cold, his faced shaped by Sea’s touch. Life came to be on Earth and Moon asked Sea to return and she wept. If she returned to Moon her children would die. Sea remained with Earth and Moon stayed near, hovering just above Earth, still dancing with Sea each night.

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