My Lone Pirate

This sinking feeling that you encase me in is different. The aching that grabs me when you crawl through my mind isn’t painful in the same sense. Tis a dense yearning;nevertheless, it’s beautiful in a way. Because they mutilated all the love I tried to give, I always felt an inescapable agony, but this hurt you bring is divergent.

I long for nothing but to be by your side, and sadly the universe allows there to be too many miles between us. My only misery comes from your absence, for I delight in your love for me. So intricate is your mind that sometimes I cannot fathom, and it’s the most precious thing I cherish about you. Yet every now and then I question my will to continue holding on since I crave to be near you so deeply, but then I remember words perfectly written. Those words that pulled my heart to yours. And I realize our love will never abandon me.

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