The Sound Of Silence

Hello was the beginning; good-bye was always there to end it all. The streets were cold and empty. The cars sit idling in the road way, while rusting away in the eyes of Mother Nature‚Äôs course in the world. I sit and listen to the swings blowing in the wind, as no kids are to be found near them or even a far. The world was a whisper of the calling of the end. I search for an echo of life, but only do I hear myself screaming out “Hello”; I am greatly alone in the great big city. I heard once before, that the world has a beginning an end to it all. The dinosaurs were to fall first, and now mankind has fallen. I am the last of what is to be the beginning of a new era in the world. Moss has started to grow on the statue of Liberty. Office buildings blinds blow wildly into the air. A strong scent of rotten meat lay miles from where I stand. How I will miss eating a greasing burger, how I will miss making love to my wife. How I will miss my kids smiling when ever they accomplished a milestone in their lives.

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