Call from Another Familiar Stranger

The phone rings.


“Hey Eric, it’s Fred your lawyer.”

“OK.” I recognize Fred’s voice as the college kid who I hire to do odd jobs around the house from time to time. He doesn’t do a great job, but he’s cheap.

“Eric you have to do something now.” The now familiar voice said. “If you don’t your wife will get everything in the divorce, the Mansion, the private jet, the ski Villa in the Swiss Alps, everything.”

“I don’t have a wife.” I told him.

“Well, technically Monica still is your wife until the divorce is final…”

“No I’ve never had a wife.”

“We can’t use the annulment angle… wait is this Eric from 2016?”

“What? It’s 2009!”

He muttered a curse. “Not again…Uh, hey, just forget about it, okay?”

He hung up. I was left with the phone in hand for several minutes, deciding which was stranger: That I get a Mansion, Private Jet, and a ski Villa in the Swiss Alps in the next 7 years, or that I hired Fred to be my lawyer.

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