With the lights in the sky, the water below me, and all the noise…I still feel alone. I’ve stood on this bridge a thousand times before, and I’ve always felt the same feeling: Solitude
Sometimes this feeling has comforted me, other times it has scared me.

Now I stand here, the east bridge is empty, what looks like fireworks are blooming in the sky while they are reflected in the lake and I can hear the sound of a jet taking off in the distance.

Suddenly, everything become silent and I am able to watch, as if in slow motion, the explosions in the air bloom like flowers in the sky and then sink into the lake.

And for one, brief moment I experience a feeling that I haven’t had in a long time.



In my haze of euphoria, I fail to hear a certain announcement on the bridge’s loudspeaker: “They have threatened to bomb the east bridge, please evacuate immediately….

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