The Time Capsule, or Stasis

The world needed an alien, but aliens were not forthcoming. Well, really, the world ,(as the politicians reasoned), just needed some external force to make it right. But mankind had not yet mastered the secrets of time, so , instead, they decided to have the future come to them. Mankind entered hibernation in their blue steel chambers, aboard the most gigantic machine the world had ever seen, and would see. A giant time capsule, big enough to hold the entirety of sentient life on the planet earth. But it would not hold it all.

One thousand members of the Earth’s population were chosen to stay outside the capsule, to make a better place for those remaining in slumber. When the 1000’s descendants unlocked the capsule, those frozen expected to find a changed new world

The one thousand lived and thrived and died and reproduced. And their descendants bore no loyalty to those frozen in stasis, and left the earth on their new spacecraft, made of materials left behind. And mankind is still in the capsule, waiting.

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