Otario Defeated! Luiti Almighty?

Luiti pounced from the window sill onto Zaluigi. He pressed his mighty leg’s right into Zaluigi’s face.

Zaluigi gasped. “Who is this!!!”

Luiti answered proudly “It’s your better-looking twin: Luiti!”


Luiti flipped gracefully off of his face and landed on the ground. Zaluigi leaped just as an incredibly fast spin kick came towards his legs.

“Are you on drugs???” Zaluigi cried

“If mushrooms are drugs, sure.” Luiti replied

Otario jumped on Zario’s head with amazing precision. Zario recovered quickly, he grabbed Otario’s legs and began to whirl him triumphantly in the air. Otario was about to yell but it was abruptly ended due to his face being jammed into the wall. Otario was down for the count.

“Got’im boss!” Zario exclaimed dumbly

“Quick you imbecile help me with Luiti!”

“What am I to much for you oh dear brother of mine?”

Zario charged. Luiti quickly grabbed Zaluigi and threw him into Zario. They both collapsed in a big bumbling heap.

To be continued…

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