Reasoning With The Torturer

It was several painful days later and my torturer was taking one of his rare breaks. I decided it was time to try and reason with him once more.

“Look, even if I am Mr Tull and I did used to know the information you require then the memory altering therapy that you yourself believe that I have had would mean that I still don’t know what you want me to know.”

“No one completely has their memory taken away, not even people like you Mr Tull. As soon as your body believes it will die without remembering the details I’m after then it will remember them.”

“Which brings me back to my original and I feel most important point, what if I’m not actually Mr Tull?”

“Then you’ll die Mr Tull. Either way I’ve done my job.”

As I watched him pull a new pair of gloves on I realised that he wasn’t ashamed or excited about this, it really was just his job. He carried it out with the bored efficiency of any experienced specialist. And that concerned me more than anything that had happened so far.

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