Magaret began weeping. Her children hugged her to console her, but nothing could prepare them for what happened next. The house was dead quiet, but then the dreaded sound they were all waiting for came. Knock, Knock, Knock Magaret’s crying grew louder and heavier, the children hugged ger tighter.

“I know your in there Ms. Hawkins” the voice said

Magaret didn’t reply but began to wipe the tears off of her face.

“Ms. Hawkin’s, by order of the US Governement you have to get out of the house.” the voice said unsympathetically.

“One more day! Please give me one more day to come up with the money!” Magaret whimpered, the tears beginning to fall again.

“We have given you several day’s, we are coming in.” the voice said curtly

The door broke down. Two large men entered a man in a white suit followed closely behind. One of the men grabbed Magaret and dragged her out of the house. The other began to shoo the kids out.

“I’m so sorry Ms. Hawkins” the man in the suit said with no emotion.

There was no reply.

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