The Conscience of God

Eternal existence, and a lot of unanswered questions. I have complete knowledge of everything in my Universe after I made my deal. But here I seem to be the Universe. Familiar categories exist: galaxies, stars, nebulae, planets, life. But why are the physical laws of the Universe what they are? Are they eternal and unchanging too? Are they what they are because of my corporeal form that I brought into this Universe at the very Beginning? Or because of subconscious thoughts and memories? CAN I have a subconscious? I am God, after all. I have questions, so I cannot be all-knowing, can I? Over the eons, I even begin to question my assumed all-powerfulness. The Universe sprang into being with my longing for the lovely, so long absent light. But I merely noticed a galaxy pop into existence. Even the pace of time seems to be changing. How can I witness the birth of a galaxy and yet also converse to these humans I have created?

And then I found him. Me. He made my very same deal. With me. How could I refuse?

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