Did Anyone Bring a Map?

“So, did you bring instructions?”

“Instructions, you know, what you should do when we get wherever we’re all walking.”

“Well, I was just supposed to believe, I suppose. Y’know, faith and all.”

“Really? I was initiated into the mysteries of Zagreus.”


“Oh, maybe you’re from after I died. Dionysus, eaten by the Titans but reborn, humanity’s made from their ashes after they ate him, so we’re partly made of god-stuff. Ring a bell?”

“No, I believe in Jesus Christ.”

“Who’s he?”

“He, with a capital ‘H’. And he’s the Son of God.”


“Which what?”

“Which god?”

The God.”

“Oh, you think there’s only one?”

“Absolutely. I’m sure we’re heading to the judgment as we walk.”

“Odd, I have a map here. Says to drink from the spring of Mnemosyne, not Lethe. And I memorized a bit I need to say to Persephone.”

“No matter, here’s the door and I’m sure, the judgment.”

“Let’s open it.”

“And it leads to. . . another path. No springs, no judgment either.”

“Don’t suppose anyone thought to bring a map?”

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