Click. Tschk. Tschk.

The sound of yet another one trying get his lighter to work.

This one sounds like a zippo. Probably Fred, he is the one with the money.

Now where is my lighter? I can’t go aroud asking for a light again, they’ll try to get some of mine. I don’t want that. the fight last week was bad enough.

It cost me too much too ease the pain.

Now were is my lighter? That asshole might have taken it. But i can remember feeling it in my pocket. What day is it? It feels like a monday, but everyday feels like a monday nowadays.

How long was i out?

Tschk. Tschk.

He’s still trying. How do you know someone owns a zippo? They smell like a gas station and ask for a light.

Where is my lighter? If i knew, i could go over and give him a light. And try. Just ask. In a friendly manner. Not agressive. No shouting.

If only they wouldn’t shout. Or fight. Last week… Or did they? Where was i last week? I think here. Presumably. What day is it?

Now, where is my lighter?

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