I waited until it went dark for the night.
The plan had sat in the forefront of my mind all week, and today was the day to strike.
As soon as the guard killed the lights, I sprang into action. I grabbed the cell door and began to deal with the lock. I had watched during chow time each day to see how it was done, so it came apart quickly in due to the dexterity of my extremities.
Next was the hard part. There was a large open expanse between me and my destination, and I knew the guards would be making their evening rounds soon. As soon as the cell door opened I dove out and hit the ground running, skirting the edge of the dim nightlight.
A shadow looms across the pale light like Death himself, so I pressed myself hard against the ground, hoping my natural camouflage would keep me out of sight. Soon it passed, and I could see my target at last.
I climbed up, triumphant, pried loose the lock and dove into the salty brine.

Finally safe, I took the time to smile as my eight arms came to rest.

Dinner time.

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