Free Future Hearings, Open Tuesdays

I glance up at the ominous structure before me. My knees are shaking, but I clutch the voucher in my hand and force myself to calm my breathing.
I won’t get another chance like this, I say to myself. Nobody turns down a “keyhole” voucher.
I slam the door open, trying to get my mind to stop listing everything that could possibly go wrong.
“We’ve got a customer, Ben!” yells someone from down a corridor.
“Well then sit him down and give him his hour, why dontcha?”
A burly man appears and ushers me into a room.
“Name, address, and date of interest,” he demands, grasping a phone receiver.

I step outside, shaking once more. I’ve heard my future! And what an hour I picked to listen in on, too! I run over the things I’ve been told in my mind. Incredible! I would never have expected something like that to happen.

Back inside, a door swings open and Ben pokes his head out: “I’m out of stories Larry. Brainstorming time.”
“A’right,” says Larry and hangs up a sign: “Closed to Ponder the Mysteries of the Universe.”

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