Oh Snap!(Lyri Trent II)

She walked out, looking at the crowd with a gleaming false smile. She felt very sorry for the couples that were here; the females would have to beat the crap out of their dates to keep them focused on the trick and not her body. The 24-year old was always confronted with the fact that she wouldn’t be young and flexible forever, especially when she was squeezing into a small crate. It was working for her now, though.

She felt herself be lifted very high into the air and looked behind her, out of a small opening in the back of the crate, to see a platform. She crawled out onto it and quickly made her way backstage, and then moved under the stage. She heard the box break into splinters mere inches above her head and heard the amazed gasp when the audience didn’t see Lyri’s limp body among it. She took a few steps forward and allowed a new platform to raise her through the stage and gave another smile, accompanied by a sort of ta-da pose. She heard something said before semiconsciously falling forward.


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