The MacGuffin

Blondes. My weakness. There she was standing over me, with her sword at my throat. Not that I didn’t deserve to be in this position, not after what I had done.

“Outlander,” she said quietly. “Where is it? What have ye done with it?”

I swallowed. Oh, boy, how am I going to tell her? “Ya see…” I started and ended with her sword pricked my throat. “I don’t have it any more.”

Her eyes stared at me, filled with anger, then they softened. Sighing she removed her sword from my throat and sheathed it. “Of course ye do not have it. My father took it from another, who had taken it from another… no one can own it. It holds to no master. Who took it from ye.”

I sat up and wiped the blood from the cut on on my neck. “Um, no one. It’s kind of hard to explain, but…”

She gave me a wondering look. “Where is it?”

I thought hard on this and then decided to tell the truth. “It’s not on this earth. It’s on another earth. Without me.”

She helped me up. “Well then, we need to go after it. Come along, lead on.”

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