A Find!

My eyes lay to rest upon a journal that I had not opened in a very long time. It was leather-bound and tied together with a thin leather string. Upon opening it, I found many choice entries from my early twenties. Unsurprisingly, they were about women. One that particularly caught my eye read:

“I think the reason that I hate women so much, is because they are whores. Not even that they necessarily sleep around a ton, but in the sense that they use men. They pretend to be into you just so that they can have your attention. They don’t give a shit about you, as long as they have someone to fall back on for emotional and sexual support. And by sexual, I mean anything from flirtation to sleeping with you; depending on their needs. This doesn’t cover all women, but I seem to fall in love with the above. Is it low self-esteem, or am I somehow in love with the notion of taming one of these wild sluts?”

A pretty great little journal entry I must say. I think the answer to both questions is yes.

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