Firstly, I only exist in the Spirit World. I forget what dimention it is, 4th or 5th or something. No mere Human can find me!

I only ventured into the human world once. It was a disaster! I was bored with the Spirit World, so I made myself visible to humans, as a woman. Already, they had decided Death was a male, so I needed a better cover.

I went to a German bar. Why? I don’t know, just thought I’d like to. Anyway, I found a man there whose aura was glowing black. He was considering suicide. I should have let him.

But I tried to save him. I went over and spoke with him. I charmed him with curious words about dying, then tried to convince him to live. I pointed out a table of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people who were strong in their auras and told him they were strong. I pointed out a group of dark-haired Jews who had gathered outside the window and had dim auras without happiness. I told him they were holding themselves back from greatness by focusing on the bad things in life, like he was doing right now.

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