Sergei is Given a Break

Sergei scrambled to his feet and snatched his hat off his head. “My apologies, madam!”

The girl snorted contemptuously. “I’m no ‘madam’. And you’re not getting away that easily! What are you doing in my spot?”

“I- I apologize, mada- I mean, miss- but I didn’t know this was your…um, your spot…” Sergei fidgeted under the girl’s intense glare.

“Where are you from?” The girl’s pose changed a bit- her hands went down to her sides and she relaxed a bit. She was still on guard, but her attitude had changed. “You’re foreign, aren’t you..”

“Yes, I am from Ousland, across the sea. I have just arrived here.”

“Oh, alright then. I’ll give you a break, then. I guess you didn’t know this was my spot.”

“Excuse me, you will…give me a break?” Sergei asked, confused. Perhaps I’m not as fluent as I thought…

“Oh, um… I won’t get mad ’cause you were on my spot.” The girl clarified, laughing. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“I am Sergei Reinmarker.”

“I’m Seneca Cooper. Pleased to meet you.”

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