Side Character

I know my role in this story: I’m a side character. It makes me sad, but not the complicated and troubled-past sadness found in the main characters.

I’m pretty funny and move along the plot. But my jokes aren’t bitter or dripping with sarcasm that stems from some inner hurt. They really have no depth. They’re just to fill space.

I’m a fool in love with the heroine. It’s just an innocent, little boy’s crush. But it won’t work out because I’m not developed enough to have any attractive and interesting qualities.

But it’s all right. I’m content being the nerd in love. Because at the end of the story, when the heroine is swept away in the masculine arms of her new lead lover and I’m about to face my disappointment, a nerd girl will appear just for me. She will be even more flat in personality, because her only purpose is to prevent the audience from pitying me.

I don’t deserve pity, though. I’m not part of the problem and my feelings are not important to your story. I just fill space.

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