The Mitochondrial Society

I remembered all I had learned about him despite never having seen him or met him. He was commonly known as Eldest Father. Everyone listened to him, because he had won their hearts and minds. The legends of his past deeds and insights, despite rumors of embellishment, were evidence enough of his compassionate wisdom.

I was still young and never knew my real father and shortly I would have to leave my mother. Mother assured me there was no reason for fear. I still trembled as I listened to Eldest Father’s voice translate my future from his vorpal stones during my rite of passage.

“My dear girl, these stones contain the story of your future. A knowledge only our privileged people can possess. Are you prepared to receive this gift? Your future?”

I affirmed. He described my new home, new curriculum, new friends and my new vocation. He assigned the father of my children and the number of offspring I could have: one. He told me I would get 38 more years to live. Then I was escorted to my new home to begin.

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